Speaking Topics

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  • A Virgin Lifestyle: A Pure Lifestyle In An Impure World

I share my personal story of avoiding temptation, holding onto my values and my journey of celibacy while single.

  • CHRISTyle: A 21st Century Christian Lifestyle

I walk audiences through the definition of CHRISTyle, delivering an inspiring word that encourages listeners to live a Christ-centered life that reflects Christ-like character, a strong faith in God and bold choices, led by the Holy Spirit and influenced by biblical principles.

  • Success in 3D: Decisions, Determination & Discipline

Everyone wants to be successful, but what does it take to win in the race of life and achieve your goals? This is an inspiring word about making the right decisions, never giving up and the benefits of living a life with order and structure.

  • The Power of Media for Ministry

Media is the new pulpit. The power of media through technology to take a message beyond it’s initial delivery is immeasurable. Ministries and messengers of the Gospel must utilize media to execute their God-given mandates. Learn the power of media and be inspired to create your own impact using media in your ministry.

Contact me about other topics and how my messages can be tailored for your group.


  • Vision Planning

In order for vision to be accomplished and even pursued it has to be written out in the form of an action plan, with goals, and deadlines. Attendees will be empowered with an action plan, tips on achieving their goals and deadlines, and motivated to execute their vision.

  • Film and Video Production

This workshop is tailored to the skill sets of your group. Participants will learn the basics about film and video production and leave feeling comfortable and equipped to operate production equipment and create captivating content.