Professional Bio:


Nadia Amika is a communication strategist and producer with a passion for equipping brands to effectively communicate their story using media.

Nadia has worked with the award-winning American University WONK brand. In addition, she has worked on a variety of creative projects to include PSAs, commercials, photo shoots, short and feature length films and live productions for churches, universities, businesses and personal brands.

Nadia is on the board of the Katherine Lois Merritt School of the Arts, which promotes literacy by inspiring youth to dream, write and create. She is also a leader on the Video Ministry at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church where she worships. As a rising leader and articulate speaker Nadia is a member of Toastmasters International and currently holds the office of Vice President of Education and formerly served in the roles of President and Vice President of Public Relations.

Nadia graduated from American University’s School of Communication with a bachelor’s degree in film and media arts and a master’s degree in producing for film and video. She is also a licensed minister in the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America organization.

Nadia was born in Jamaica and currently resides in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Nadia Amika Trowers | Founder/President CHRISTyle Enterprises, LLC