I've always known there was something great inside of me. Yet, it's always been easier to celebrate the greatness in others and encourage them into their destiny. To be truthful I have yet to embrace my full greatness, but I'm certain I'm taking steps in the right direction to become my 100% authentic self.

It's never been a question of whether or not I would succeed, but instead when I would succeed. With the launch of CHRISTyle Enterprises I'm taking another step towards my ultimate destiny and learning how to celebrate the daily successes, and embrace the greatness of God in me!


Professional Bio:

Nadia Amika Trowers | CEO/President CHRISTyle Enterprises, LLC

Nadia Amika Trowers is a servant at heart and faithful follower of Jesus Christ. She is committed to seeing the message of Christ maximized in the culture through media content and the exposure of faith driven brands.

She is the CEO and President of CHRISTyle Enterprises, LLC and Founder of the CHRISTyle brand, which encourages 21st century Christians to live a lifestyle that reflects Christ. CHRISTyle Enterprises is a multi-faceted company that produces creative media content; and consults and provides media, marketing and management services to faith-driven brands.

Take any project to Nadia and she will help you expand, plan and execute your vision with her creative and administrative expertise. She has over eights years of experience in administrative and executive assistant roles. Her creativity has led her to assist with the award winning American University WONK brand. She has also worked on a variety of creative projects to include: PSAs, commercials, photo shoots, short films, marketing campaigns; and live and studio productions for churches, universities, businesses and individual brands.

Nadia is on the board of the Katherine Lois Merritt School of the Arts, which promotes literacy by inspiring youth to dream, write and create. She is also a faithful leader on the Video Ministry at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church where she worships. As a rising leader and articulate speaker Nadia is a member of Toastmasters International and holds the office of President and Vice President of Public Relations in her local Toastmaster Club.

Nadia graduated from American University’s School of Communication with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Media Arts and a Master of Arts degree in Producing for Film and Video. She is currently pursuing a Biblical Studies certificate at the Calvary Bible Institute in Washington, DC.

Nadia who is a Jamaican native currently resides in Maryland.